Farm Stores

Farm Fresh Products direct to the Consumer

For Farmers

Sell your products direct to the public
Make sure the products are delivered to them
Get paid directly and make more money

For Consumers

Avoid  going to the shop to buy fresh vegetables and meat
Products are delivered directly to you
Pay less because the middleman is eliminated

Payment Solutions

Farmers have their own page with information and their products
We supply payment facilities and consumers pay us for products
We take a small commission and pay farmers

Welcome to Farm Stores

South Africa’s population is growing at almost 2% per year. The population is expected to grow to 82 million by the year 2035. Food production or imports must more than double to feed the expanding population, and production needs to increase using the same or fewer natural resources.

At the same time, farmers’ livelihood is highly dependent on external factors, and being a farmer in South Africa is probably one of the toughest jobs.

Some of these factors are:

  • Water scarcity and soil loss
  • High murder rate and impending land expropriation without compensation
  • Increasing competition from cheap imports
  • Climate instability and predicted climate change
  • Lack of subsidies for farmers

In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic and resultant lockdown and effect on the South African and global economy, have now also contributed to making farmers’ job even more difficult. South African farmers supply almost all of South Africa’s food, and not being able to get the crops to market wears heavily on the farmers’ income as well as food security in the country

We try to help by providing a platform for farmers to advertise their products and sell directly to consumers without having to deliver to produce markets or shops. This is in effect a Farm Store for each farmer and makes it possible to continue delivering products and earn money

How Does it Work?


Farmers have their own dedicated product listing area but their products are also listed along with that from other vendors and ordered by category

Farmers are notified when orders are made and money from the order is added to the farmer’s account on the site

Farmers deliver the orders, either direct to the client’s home or office or a central location, and mark the order as completed

Farmers request a payout and the money, less a 7.5% commission is paid to the farmer


Consumers can avoid going to the shop to buy fresh fruit, vegetables and meat

Consumers make a product purchase on the site and the order is sent to the relevant farmer

The farmer delivers the products to the consumer. This can be direct to the client’s house or office, or to a central pickup point agreed to between the farmer and client

The consumer saves on cost due to buying directly from the farmer and gets guaranteed fresh produce straight from the source

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Farm Stores?

Farm Stores aims to provide Farmers with a way to sell their products online to consumers. Normally farmers would deliver their products to Fresh Product Markets or to Shops where the products would be sold at a much higher cost than the farmers are paid. By selling directly to consumers, farmers can get paid more for their products and they control the prices

But why can't farmers just create their own websites?

They can, but creating and running a successful website takes lots of experience and knowledge to master, you also need to create payment facilities, manage shipping and also market the website so visitors will use it. We can offer farmers their own online “Farm Store”, listing their own products and give the farmer the ability to manage products, track orders, organise shipping and they do not need to be concerned about marketing the website because we will take care of that

Setting up a website can be very expensive, web development costs can run into several thousand Rands, the website also needs to be hosted on a server which also costs money each year and this all before any income can be generated.

Farm Stores allows farmers to join completely free and there is no monthly cost for the service. Our income comes from a small commission on every sale, which includes credit card and transaction fees, so farmers only pay when they have an income. You will also see that we then have an incentive to market the website as more sales means more income